Our top 6 winter wardrobe essentials for working from home or the office.

It’s well and truly winter now, and it sure is cold out! Unfortunately, there’s still a couple more months for us to get through – and some of you might still be scrambling each morning to find the perfect balance between comfort, warmth and style in your daily office outfits (whether that's at home or in the actual office!).

So, for those of you that are still trying to get it sorted, we’ve put together this little list of 6 Winter Wardrobe Essentials that will keep you warm and comfortable without compromising on style… and having them all at the ready might even give you an extra 10 minutes to stay in bed each morning.


1. Overcoat

We’re starting off our list with a classic overcoat - simply because no winter wardrobe is complete without one of these! It’s the perfect piece to chuck over whatever else you’re wearing and instantly style-it-up. We promise it will be your best friend when it comes to the stints to and from the office each morning and afternoon. A classic colour like grey, navy, camel or black is always a safe option.

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2. Knit Pullover

Nothing quite says winter like knitwear. Throwing on a nice knit pullover is a sure-fire way to stay warm while looking professional and stylish – and it’s always a safe-bet when it comes to meeting corporate dress codes. A good quality pullover can work with so many other pieces in your wardrobe; wear it with trousers or a skirt, or go for a more casual office look and set it off with a nice pair of jeans.

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3. Puffer jacket

While an overcoat is the perfect item to instantly dress you up, the Puffer Jacket is a must if you’re going for a more casual look. If you live in colder climates, you might want to consider a full-length puffer, but for those of you going through winter in temperate zones - a shorter one will probably do.

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You can’t get through winter work days without a few pairs of staple trousers - but just because we say ‘staple’ certainly doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A fun pair of trousers can be the perfect item to inject a bit of your personality into your work wardrobe, while maintaining professionalism. For women, there are so many styles of trousers to mix-it-up too; from straight leg to wide and full length to ankle. Our main piece of advice here would be to always buy the best quality pair that you can afford – their longevity will be worth the extra price!

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5. Cardigan

This one is probably more for the ladies, but there’s absolutely no reason why men can’t dress-up their work outfit with a cardigan too. Cardigans are the perfect extra layer to make the chill just that bit more bearable – and once you get inside and take your outerwear off, they act as a stylish top layer. When it comes to cardigans, they’re so many styles to consider but we always love slightly oversized, longer ones for a more effortless, layered look.

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6. Boots

Of course, no winter outfit is complete without a pair of boots. It would be silly to warm yourself up everywhere else and then wear a pair of open shoes. For women it’s always great to have a shorter-heeled pair and some taller ones. For men, one good quality pair generally does the trick. In both cases, plain colours like black or brown are usually the best-bet to ensure your boots will go with your other wardrobe pieces.


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